Molecube 100 air

Molecube 100 air


The molecube: the essence of design

The Molecube of the Derapage optical glasses collection represent the essence of modern design. The patented Molecube hinge remains at the forefront of innovation and characterizes a collection that offers new frames and structure design. The new series of glasses are ultra essential; a lense suspended from a highly technical, thin upper frame in brushed metal. This innovative anchoring system was pioneered by the Derapage design team, rendering the attachment of the lenses to the frame completely invisible.


DERAPAGE MoleCubes are innovative in the genuine sense: they bring to the eyewear world a first-ever hinge system, patented, and all Made in Italy: as simple in its conception as it is technological in the making. The DERAPAGE MoleCube hinge is formed of three strips of steel held together by a square pivot which vanishes into the temple structure, joining it to the front by a ‘pop-in’ system that has never been tried before.