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Dérapage –with an acute é- is a French term mainly used in car racing (though also in skiing). It describes a rapid way of negotiating a bend for a racing car or motorbike – calling for a mixture of driver panache and maximum reliance on machine performance.

Some skilfully coordinated manoeuvres are required:
• Power transmission, via the accelerator, initiating a controlled drift; this presupposes vehicle power.
• Swerve, a firm flick of the wheel/handlebars.
• Braking, using the front brake without locking the wheel(s), which reduces the grip of the back wheel(s) and causes dérapage.
• A quick change-down as one brakes.

A daring operation even for an expert. Like the Derapage of eyewear: “The look is for those who dare”.

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There are umpteen ways, materials, techniques of making a pair of glasses. One has but to choose. DERAPAGE has always entailed a choice, an ambitious one, the same today as twenty five years ago: to create hi-tech eyewear to an exclusive design. A slice of future glimpsed at a preview.

Our DERAPAGE line was sparked off by an entrepreneurial success in the automobile world to which it pays tribute. DERAPAGE describes a way of negotiating a bend in a car race: a mixture of driver control and car performance pushed to the limit. DERAPAGE glasses are the result of sophisticated engineering even before design allure. Over the years the collection has given a technologically subtle gloss on the novelties of eyewear, and taken on board some quite unusual models. The materials used are often first-ever choices.

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