Company History

Logo Nico-design

The year is 1929: Mr. Giovanni Vitaloni takes the plunge and founds an automobile parts and accessories factory in Turin.
A passion for all things lovingly crafted: for taste, for a style that will last.
1988: 50 years on a new-generation Vitaloni sets up a new company: NICO enters the world of eyewear just as a change of mentality is coming in: glasses no longer what the doctor ordered, but a matter of fashion.
It takes NICO a mere 20 years to make it to the top in the subtle market of eyewear design. NICO goes all out for supreme quality and sends its collections worldwide.
In 2004 NICO becomes Nico-design. A change in the name to express the blend of name and passion, tradition to the third generation and vocation, behind company thinking and policy.
Today Nico-design has grown, playing the winning card of innovation: more than 100 new models every year, pure original products of Torinese finesse.

Research into materials and a sixth sense for trends in the evolution of style, design and colour taste. Dedication to painstaking craftsmanship. Attention to fine detail. The rule of quality and a deliberate penchant for experiment and innovation with materials, production techniques and shapes. The goal is to satisfy the customer and go on surprising. These are the choices Nico-design has favoured in asserting itself on the home and international market as an Italian eyewear designer. This means manufacturing and marketing glasses of top quality, unique products stamped with their own creativity, the logical expression of perfected Italian style.

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