Derapage GT Aluminium


The term GT (Gran Turismo) is automotive industry terminology used to describe vehicles made to travel long distances, for the "Gran Tour". They are characterized by great comfort, advanced technical performance and cutting edge bodywork.



DERAPAGE, our  eyewear brand that owes its name to the way in which racing drivers take curves at high speed, reiterates its link to the world of motor racing and GT,


GT eyewear is the result of a combination of extremely high performance materials that combine the solidity and flexibility of steel with the lightness of aluminium.


The structure of the eyewear is made from ultra-thin steel sheet, combined with an engraved lined aluminium mounting attached to the top part of the frame. In addition some models have aluminium rims supported by the steel skeleton of the glasses.


The line motif is the characteristic design detail of the Derapage collection, a futuristic look that reinterprets how typical industrial design can visually create a contrast between the brightness of  full and empty spaces.


The shapes of the Derapage GT are purely masculine. The raw materials and the natural shades of aluminium are accentuated by the galvanized or coloured gloss of the steel frames, dominated by subtle shades of  warm brown or bordeaux, as well as a brilliant blue.

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