Tornado SLC

Derapage SLC

The Tornado Super Light Chassis (SLC) refreshes the traditional Derapage model, and most highly awarded eyewear in optical history, with a new decisive look, creating eyewear that is high-tech, ultra light and easy to wear.

A collection with high tech variations celebrating the timeless design of the Tornado. Spotlight on the  chemical cut striped detail on the lug which has characterised and given the Tornado by DERAPAGE many eyewear industry awards throughout the years.  

The variations in this collection play with the width of the lug, a single or double laminated bridge and contrasting colours on the inside and outside of the frames, adding a hint of sophistication.

The nylon or rounded models are more masculine in sober colours dominated by black, brown, gun metal grey and blue. The hinges are riveted to the frontal frame with techniques used in high end jewellery making.

A balanced unisex panthos milled  frame in two tone steel either in combinations of matt black and palladium or matt brown and satin matt gold. The temples and half rims in the darker tones highlighting the chemical cut lug detail and the bridge in lighter galvanized shades.

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