Product traceability

Made in Italy

All Derapage products are conceived, designed, PRODUCED, finished and checked in Italy.

The style centre that makes the Derapage collections is in Turin. Frame manufacture takes place from Milan to Venice. Finishing and assembly operations are conducted in the province of Treviso. Derapage frames may travel about Italy in search of some special finish.

The final quality control takes place exclusively at the Turin headquarters. 

Original genuine made-in-Italy is a trump card not just of the product but of the service back-up for Derapage: the image, press release and website are managed from Turin; Torinese, likewise, are the basic idea, and the marketing materials (display cards and cases). Gelbox spectacle cases are exclusively manufactured to a Derapage style centre concept and project in the province of Padua. 

In being so near one another, the company production units have greater elasticity, speed and quality control potential. In times of globalisation it is a point of pride that we turn out an extremely hi-tech 100% Italian product at virtually 0 kilometres.

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